Preview Pictures: Coming Up On The Cobbles

On the Street next week: Craig is hurt when Bethany's past comes back to haunt her, Emma says goodbye to her dad, Max hits out at Nick and will Yasmeen take a stand?

Bethany's Heartache

Bethany - Coronation Street - ITV
Bethany is shocked when she recognises someone in the Bistro.
Daniel - Coronation Street - ITV
It's a man who went to one of Nathan's parties... Will Daniel be able to stay professional?
Bethany and Craig - Coronation Street - ITV
As things escalate Craig hurries over to help but is hit by the man's car! Will he be okay?

Saying Goodbye

Emma and Morgan - Coronation Street - ITV
Emma is joined by her brother Morgan to say goodbye to their father.
Steve and Emma - Coronation Street - ITV
Emma's not alone. Steve turns up at the funeral but is he only there to offer moral support?
Emma - Coronation Street - ITV
Later, Emma video calls her mum. Does she have something to ask her?

Mad Max

Max and Nick - Coronation Street - ITV
Nick finds Max smashing up pots in Victoria Garden!
Nick and Max- Coronation Street - ITV
As Nick tries to calm Max down, he takes a swing at him! What has made Max lash out like this?
Max and Shona - Coronation Street - ITV
Later, Shona has to step in when Max starts playing up again at Lily's birthday party...
Leanne, Shona and Sarah - Coronation Street - ITV
Is Max's behaviour becoming too much for Shona to handle?

Bailing Out Ed

Michael and Ed - Coronation Street - ITV
Ed admits he's in a bit of a financial hole. Will Michael have a plan to help?
Ed, Aggie and James - Coronation Street - ITV
James agrees to lend Ed the money but, after it is transferred, the boys find Ed on a gambling website! Is there something he hasn't been telling them?

Rescuing Roy

Roy, Cathy and Aggie - Coronation Street - ITV
When Aggie see's that Roy is run off his feet in the cafe...
Roy and Aggie - Coronation Street - ITV
She offers up her services! Will Roy agree to give her a trial?

Tim and Eileen

Tim and Eileen - Coronation Street - ITV
In a bid to get Eileen back on her feet, Tim tells her she's needed back on the Street Cars' switch. Will she be convinced?

Big Bother

Geoff and Yasmeen - Coronation Street - ITV
Geoff leaves Yasmeen horrified when he sets up security cameras all over the house!
Geoff and Yasmeen - Coronation Street - ITV
When she says she doesn’t want them Geoff accuses her of not considering his feelings! Is this the end for the couple?