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Preview Pictures: Coming Up On Coronation Street!

This week: Summer's life is on the line! Also: Simon trusts the wrong person and Jenny has an admirer...

Save Summer

Summer is terrified when she comes home to find someone smashing up the flat.

But as she makes her escape, she’s hit by an oncoming car!

Terrified, Billy, Todd and Paul race to the scene.

And when the culprit is revealed to have a connection to Paul, Billy is furious!

Will Summer be okay? And could this be the end of the road for Billy and Paul?!

Simon's Debt

Simon is grateful when his new friend Jacob offers to lend him some money. 

Kelly isn’t as keen, but keeps quiet and it isn’t long before Jacob wants a favour...

What on earth has Simon got himself into?!

Jenny's Still Got It!

Jenny is flattered when she gets some attention from a particularly dapper gentlemen. 

But devilish Daisy takes it a step too far when she asks him for his number. 

Can she persuade Jenny to leave Johnny?

Carla's Crossroads

Peter admits to a heartbroken Carla what he's been doing to himself.

Is it time for Carla to walk away?

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street