Preview Pictures: Coming up on the Street

Coming up on the cobbles: Asha’s nightmare continues as more people discover the video. Also, Johnny bumps into an old friend and will Ken win the battle for Stillwaters?

Will Asha Be Okay?

Asha, Aadi and friends are forced to attend Mary’s youth volunteering group.

Amy, Summer and Kelly gather to comfort Asha as one of the lads starts to snigger at her.

But when Aadi notices, he sees red and starts a fight.

Will Mary be able to stop them?

When Dev hears about the video of Asha, he’s appalled and immediately blames his daughter.

Later, he goes to report those who shared the video. Will Asha be okay?

A Blast From The Past

Carla and Peter agree to temporarily run the Rovers whilst Jenny and Johnny go to visit Eva in France.

Johnny is keen to leave but, despite his best efforts, bumps into Scott who greets him like an old friend.

Later, before leaving for the airport, Scott assures Johnny that there are no hard feelings about the past. What has Johnny been hiding?

Justice for Stillwaters!

Ken has proof that Charles has been stealing payments from the other residents and he’s not afraid to tell all!

How will everyone react when they find out?

Double Trouble

Sally and Tim ask Kevin and Abi to be witnesses at their wedding. 

Kevin offers to step in and be best man, Tim awkwardly agrees before confiding in Sally that he’s already asked Geoff…

Who will he end up choosing?!