Preview Pictures: Coming up on Coronation Street

Coming up: The walls are closing in on Gary, but what measures will he take to ensure his secrets stay buried? Also: Yasmeen is shocked by a surprise visitor and later collapses!

Adam Versus Gary

Adam and Gary - Coronation Street - ITV

Adam approaches Gary and accuses him of killing Rick.

Adam and Gary - Coronation Street - ITV

Gary is dismissive but clearly rattled.

Brian and Gary - Coronation Street - ITV

Later, Gary discovers Brian is taking his metal detector to find some Roman coins around the place where Rick’s body is buried.

Brian and Gary - Coronation Street - ITV

In a panic, he tries to persuade Brian to not go.

Gary - Coronation Street - ITV

But what lengths will Gary go to to keep his secrets buried?

Adam is Caught Out 

Sarah and Adam - Coronation Street - ITV

Sarah is furious to find Adam flirting with Laura.

Laura - Coronation Street - ITV

She’s even angrier when she discovers she’s Rick’s wife.

Adam and Sarah - Coronation Street - ITV

Can Adam explain his way out of this one?

Yasmeen’s Surprise Visitor 

Yasmeen and cell mate - Coronation Street - ITV

Yasmeen’s cell mate gives her a book on coercive control.

Yasmeen and visitor - Coronation Street - ITV

She then gets a visit from a woman who previously claimed she was from a charity, but is then shocked to discover the real truth.

Yasmeen and Imran - Coronation Street - ITV

Later, when telling Imran about what she found out, Yasmeen collapses.

Yasmeen - Coronation Street - ITV

Will she be okay?!

Friends Forever

Sally and Abi - Coronation Street - ITV

Sally watches sadly as Abi packs her things for her move to No.13.

Sally and Abi - Coronation Street - ITV

Abi thanks her for being so welcoming and assures Sally that their friendship will remain strong. 

Company for Daniel

Daniel and Nicky - Coronation Street - ITV

Nicky tells Daniel that for the money he’s paying her, they could do more than just talk, but Daniel insists that just her company alone is making him feel better.