Coronation Street

Preview Pictures: Mon 20 Mar - Fri 24 Mar

This week on the Street: Ken lets his feelings known to Sinead, Peter's flirtations come back to haunt him, Anna puts a stop to Faye's relationship with Seb and Amy's up to something...

Sinead is stunned as a proud Ken announces he's called them all together to celebrate Daniel's acceptance to Oxford!
Later, Ken implores Sinead to call off her relationship with Daniel as she's standing in the way of his career.
As Ken rants at Sinead about his wasted life with Deirdre and how he wants better for Daniel, Tracy overhears and is appalled. Will Sinead reveal that she's pregnant?
Nick and Leanne call at the Rovers and begrudgingly agree access arrangements with Steve.
Toyah is perturbed to find a stash of cash in the kitchen cupboard...
Later, when Peter tells her that he's worried about one of his regular fares as their ex keeps bothering them, Toyah encourages Peter to check on them, presuming it to be a man.
Peter once again finds himself at Chloe's house.
As Peter makes to leave, Chloe tries to kiss him. Will Peter respond?
When a cash buyer arrives at the pub, Peter is stunned to see that Steve and Liz are considering her offer.
Especially when the buyer turns out to be Chloe who starts spreading her poison to Ken, saying that Peter has been having an affair with her and that he is drinking again!
Ken's horrified and with heavy heart breaks the news to Toyah. Will Toyah believe what she's being told about Peter?
Having bought an old violin, Amy then smashes it up before duping Ken into giving her £200 for a replacement
Amy promises she'll play at the community centre concert but what is she really up to?
Having seen another side to Seb, Anna bans Faye from seeing him.
But thinking she's doing a good turn, Rosie resolves to get Seb and Faye back together. Will she succeed?
Coronation Street