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Preview Pictures: Coronation Street At Christmas

Coming up: David and Shona are in need of a Christmas miracle! Meanwhile, Todd does his best to get on the Naughty List and Toyah gets everything she ever wanted.

All David Wants For Christmas...

With a heavy heart, David tells Shona that it’s time to accept their marriage isn’t working. 

Poor Shona struggles to understand what he means, what will she do now?

Later, Daisy offers David a shoulder to cry on...

And she definitely has an ulterior motive...

But Christmas is a time for love and miracles and that's exactly what David and Shona need right now!

When else would you be able to renew your vows in front of a giant stuffed rabbit?

Maybe there's hope for them yet?

Sleigh it isn’t so, Gary!

Maria confronts Gary about Rick but he insists that it’s nothing to do with him. She isn’t convinced...

And neither are the police when they question him!

Later, things get heated when Sarah calls round and accuses Gary of moving the body, not realising that Maria can hear everything.

And then as if things couldn't get any more difficult...

Kelly turns up needing to talk to Gary!

At which point Maria is about to explode!

And we're going to need a lie down...

Don't Trust Todd - Yule Be Sorry!

When Paul’s work at the helpline comes in the middle of him and Billy, he’s grateful that Todd offers to cover for him.

But should he know better than to trust Todd?

Especially when it means Todd and Billy get to spend quality time together.

When Paul finally confesses all about what he's been up to, Billy is furious!

Can Billy and Paul kiss and make up before Christmas Day?

A Lost Claus?

Sam begs Nick to let him move in with him and Leanne. 

But over Christmas dinner, Leanne finds Sam playing with Oliver’s music box. 

She lashes out leaving Sam and Nick reeling...

Have Your Elf A Merry Little Christmas

Toyah and Imran are over the moon when they bring home their foster baby, Mason. 

Even a night full of baby cries can’t dampen Imran’s spirits!

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street