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Next week: Lydia steps it up a notch, Craig starts his new job and Amy starts seeing Jacob in secret.


Lydia tells Sarah she tried to break up with the married man but he refused to accept it was over.

Later, she pretends to cry in front of Sarah and says her and Adam are having an affair.

While they are still talking, Adam walks in on them.

He tells Sarah that Lydia is lying through her teeth.

But she doesn't know what to believe when she shows him the receipts!

How will Adam prove his innocence?

Craig's New Job

Craig starts his new job at underworld.

He tries to put on a brave face for Faye.

But she can tell how unhappy he is.

Secret Love!

Amy and Jacob have a romantic date.

All loved up, they agree to see each other in secret.

Will they be able to keep the secret for long?


Abi has a secret conversation with Sally over the phone

But her phone connects to the van's bluetooth!

And Kevin hears everything.


Toyah shows off her new ring.

Chesney and Linda clash over what's best for Joseph.

And Yasmeen and Stu bond.

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street