Coronation Street

6 Questions You Need To Ask About Next Week's Corrie

Want to know what's coming up next on the cobbles? You've come to the right place!

Will Phelan get away with it?

Todd grows suspicious of Phelan as he leaves the house bidding Eileen a loaded goodbye.
Heading to the building site, Todd discovers the office has been broken into and calls the police.
Concerned Todd summons everyone who bought a flat to a meeting, with Billy and Eileen promising to support him.
Todd breaks the bad news and everyone's shocked to realise they are £15K out of pocket!
But where is Phelan!?
On his way to Mexico by the look of it! Will he escape or stay and face the music?

Will the Barlows stand united?

Tracy quizzes Adam and Daniel about the stranger she caught snooping at No.1, suspecting they might owe money.
Both deny all knowledge, but Daniel's shifty, does he know more than he is letting on?
Later, Daniel blows his top when he overhears David, Nick and Sally talking about him in the Rovers.
Sarah has to ask him to leave, but why has Daniel got everyone's suspicions piqued?
Sick of rowing with Adam and Tracy, Daniel leaves No.1 but Peter finds him and persuades him to return to be a part of the family.
Peter lays down the law to the Barlows and Ken's pleasantly surprised when Peter reveals he's arranged for Adam and Daniel to share the corner shop flat. It looks as though things are looking up for the Barlows!

Can Gemma's dreams come true?

Gemma returns from the awards ceremony but she's not happy - what could have possibly gone wrong?
Gemma is still miserable so when Rita' words of comfort offer scant consolation, Chesney hatches a plan...
Have all of Gemma's dreams come true?

Roy Cropper: Wedding Planner?

Roy sacks Michelle as his wedding planner, preferring to take charge of the event himself.
With the pressure piling on, how long can Roy keep up the charade?

Is Nick jealous of Peter?

Nick perturbed to clock Peter and Leanne sharing a joke in The Kabin.
Leanne warns he'll have to get used to Peter sticking around.

Will three be a crowd for Norris?

Brian asks Norris if he can lodge at No.3 but when Norris points out that Sean has Emily's room Brian forms a plan which leaves Sean seeing red...
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