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Preview Pictures: Coming up on the Street!

Coming up: Are Debbie’s suspicions about to ruin two relationships? Also: Daniel saves the day and there's a flower war budding between Mary and Brian!

Debbie Stirs Up Trouble

Abi finds solace in talking to Peter about her issues.

But when Debbie catches them chatting, her suspicions are aroused...

And later she approaches Peter with a warning!

But surely she wouldn’t make things worse by telling Kevin her theories…

And then he definitely won’t go and tell Carla…


Will Abi and Peter be able to explain themselves?!

Daniel Doesn’t Hide His Feelings

Nicky thanks Daniel for making her have a positive outlook on life again. 

But not before Daniel makes his feelings very clear to Geoff about the way he uses vulnerable sex workers.

Later, Daniel visits Nicky after she gets stuck in a bad situation and gifts her something very unexpected. 

But what is it?

And more importantly, how will Nicky react!?

Michael's Mixed Messages

Michael is impressed when Grace stands up to Carla - she's braver than us!!

But his feelings of elation soon turn to confusion when Grace reacts badly to Tianna calling him 'Daddy'.

What is she hiding?

War of the Roses

Mary and Brian fall out over the identity of a flower and subsequently bar each other from their shops.

Mary also has an unexpected visitor!

Will seeing George again be a thorny issue?

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street