Coronation Street

Preview Pictures: Mon 22 Aug - Fri 26 Aug

This week on the Street: Can Nick stop Leanne from leaving? Gary to the rescue as Bethany collapses, The Nazir's celebrate their 45th Wedding Anniversary and Phelan introduces Eileen to Vinnie...

Leanne reveals to Steve that she's leaving Weatherfield.
As the coach readies to leave, Nick scrambles on board and begs Leanne not to go and that he knows about the baby!
Leanne's stunned. As Simon waits with bated breath will the pair admit their love for each other?
Of course they will! Later, Nick accompanies Leanne to her first baby scan.
But you can imagine Gail's reaction when Nick announces that he and Leanne are back together and she and Simon will be moving in with him!
While the Platts argue, Tracy approaches and asks Leanne when the baby's due! All eyes turn to Leanne and Steve watches, his heart in his mouth.
Convinced she's overweight, Bethany secretly pops two of her diet pills.
While Gary oversees Craig's induction at the gym, Bethany pounds away on a running machine.
Suddenly, Bethany collapses! She quickly regains consciousness and assures Gary she's fine but Gary's not convinced.
Worried that Gary is about to reveal her health problems to Sarah, Bethany quickly shoves the envelope containing her exam results at her mum, warning her that she's done really badly.
Back at the gym Lauren tracks Bethany down and makes cruel jibes about her weight.
Bethany finally snaps and punches Lauren in front of Gary.
Bethany begs Gary not to tell Sarah about the bullying. Gary agrees on condition they report Lauren to the school.

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Sharif and Yasmeen are utterly thrilled to find their grandchildren have arranged a surprise 45th wedding anniversary party.
Sharif's speech is interrupted by the arrival of their old friend Sonia, who clearly upset, explains her husband has thrown her out.
While a concerned Yasmeen heads off to make Sonia a cup of tea, grim-faced Sharif makes it clear he's unimpressed by her surprise visit.
Michael clocks Max stealing. Max explains to Michael he took the toy as his Mum always used to buy him a present on Lily's birthday. Making Max promise he won't steal again, Michael agrees it can be their secret.
Phelan brings Vinnie up to speed on his plans to screw the money out of Eileen. As she arrives back from Thailand, Phelan ushers Vinny out of the door.
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