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Preview Pictures: Coming Up On Corrie

Next week: Leanne exposes Harvey's operation to the police, but has she just put herself in more danger? Also: Fiz is on the warpath and Kelly impresses Toyah!

Risky Business

Leanne should probably pick a less public space when it comes to counting ill-gotten gains!

How will she explain her way out of this one?

As her situation worsens, she makes the decision to tell the police all about Harvey.

But is it as easy as that to get out of harm's way? 

Or has Leanne just gotten herself into a whole load of more trouble?!

Wedding Woes

Fiz excitedly reveals some romantic plans to Tyrone!

But his response is less than enthusiastic... we wonder why that is?

After a stern talk from Ches, Tyrone begins the groveling process.

But that won’t stop Fiz from some classic Coronation Street confrontation...

Someone should really warn Alina!

Todd Causes (More) Trouble

When Summer suggests that Billy still has feelings for Paul, Todd hatches a new plan.

And it’s not long until Paul falls into the trap!

When will he learn?!

Good First Impressions 

Before Imran can stop her, Kelly marches up to Toyah, introduces herself and explains that she’d like them to foster her!

Toyah admires her forthright approach.

Is this the new start that Kelly desperately needs? 

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street