Coronation Street

Preview Pictures: This Week On The Street

Coming up on the cobbles this week: Adam faces off against Daniel as new evidence comes to light about Ken's attacker, the Connors could be in for a shock and Gina has a confession to make...

Sinead's in trouble as MacKinnon reveals she is the new prime suspect in the Who Attacked Ken investigation!
But Adam still has Daniel in his sights and bundles him into the boot of Ken's car!
In a deserted car park, Adam hauls Daniel out of the boot and demands answers!
Using the record facility on his phone, Adam tells him it's time he confessed to the attack on Ken. What will Daniel say?
Back on the Street, Ken tells Roy that he remembers seeing the trainers when he was pushed, meaning the owner must be his attacker. Could this be the key to cracking the case?
When Peter reveals the money has come through from the shop and they can buy the Rovers, Toyah's thrilled.
Downcast Steve calls in the Bistro to tell Michelle that she'll soon have her money but overhearing this Nick forms a plan to get Steve and Peter out of his life for good. What's he up to?
Refusing to take no for an answer, Kate finally drags Johnny to the medical centre, will he be okay?
Sarah calls the police and tells them everything she knows about Nathan.
Unable to live with the guilt any longer, Gina confesses to Sally that she was her internet troll.
In tears Gina blames her medication and assures Sally she has no knowledge of the terrible things she's done, how will Sally react?
Egged on by Gemma, Cathy asks Brian out on a date. But torn over his loyalty to Roy, what will Brian say?
Coronation Street