Coronation Street

Preview Pictures: This week on the Street

Nathan starts to put his plans for Bethany into motion, Adam lands himself in even more hot water with the police, Todd's not at all happy with Billy's blast from the past,

Sick with worry, Sarah and Gary resolve to have it out with Nathan.
Sarah and Gary call downstairs at the tanning salon and order Bethany to come home, will she comply?
Later, as Nathan's mates gather in his flat for a party, Neil watches Bethany admiringly.
Nathan and Bethany argue after she gets him in trouble with Neil.
Nathan says Neil has a soft spot for Bethany, maybe if she meets him for a drink it will go some way to making amends. What's Bethany getting herself into?
Adam tells the police he was in no.1 briefly on the night of Ken's assault as he called to collect some money Amy had left for him.
The police follow this up with Amy but she denies all knowledge. Will Tracy believe her?
The police interview Adam again, telling him that Amy said he was lying. Adam's left fuming and points the finger at Tracy.
Billy's ex Drew pays him a visit with Billy's goddaughter Summer, but Todd’s unimpressed when Drew announces they're moving to Weatherfield...
Jealous Todd confronts Drew over his apparent intention to split up he and Billy.
But both of them are stunned when Drew reveals the real reason he's moved to Weatherfield.
Dev and Aidan square up to each other for the Rovers' quiz...
As Brian and Cathy grow closer.
Retrieving her passport Tracy tells Steve she's taking Amy on holiday.
But Steve is in shock as he's just received his divorce papers. Will Tracy lend a sympathetic ear?
Toyah admits to Leanne that she went behind Peter's back and had the embryos implanted as planned. How will she react?
Rosie and Sophie finds Leah skulking outside no.4.
Leah makes out she wanted to check Sally hadn't had any more messages from her step-mum.
Later, Rosie stakes out Leah's house.
When she emerges with her step-mum, Rosie's stunned to realise it's Gina, Sally's sister!
Coronation Street