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Preview Pictures: Next Week On Corrie

Next week: Nick finds himself in a dangerous situation, can he keep himself and his family safe? Also: Evelyn is on the warpath and it’s Jenny versus Sharon!

Danger for Nick!

Nick and Natasha anxiously await news on Sam’s whereabouts.

And soon enough, danger comes knocking!

How will he keep himself and the rest of his family safe!?

Evelyn’s Bad Week

Evelyn makes no secret of her disdain for Tyrone’s recent behaviour…

But her attention soon turns to Dev after she injures herself in the shop.

Uh oh… We certainly wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of Evelyn!

Jenny Versus Sharon

Sharon clocks the intimacy between Ronnie and Jenny and it doesn’t take long until she’s using it against them both!

But has she met her match?


Nina is devastated to learn that has hasn’t been invited to Seb’s funeral. 

There's a spark between Emma and Curtis... but Steve isn't a fan!

Daniel tells a reluctant Adam that they should consider being liver donors.

Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street