Coronation Street

Preview Pictures: Mon 24 Oct - Fri 28 Oct

This week on the Street: Gary and Sarah finally get together! Amy finds out about the baby, Craig plans to get Beth and Kirk back together and will Alya double-cross Sinead?

Sarah texts Gary, asking him to meet her.
Apologising for giving him mixed signals Sarah admits she really wants him and they kiss passionately!
Steve offers Peter a bed at the Rovers, but what will Michelle make of Steve's kind-hearted gesture?
Liz inadvertently lets slip to Amy that Michelle is pregnant, how will she react at the prospect of a little brother or sister?
Especially when Amy learns that there is a chance that baby could be born with MD.
Will Leanne offer much help with the situation?
Or, will Robert become an unlikely confidant?
Eva enjoys having Liam to stay and texts a picture of Aidan and Liam to Maria.
Can Aidan hide his discomfort?
Elsewhere, Caz arrives back but Kirk is firm - Maria's back on Monday and she has to be gone by then!
Kirk is friendly towards Craig but completely blanks Beth. Can Craig form a plan to reunite them?
Alya puts pressure on Sinead insisting she runs up some mock up uniforms for the kebab shop.
Dev is really impressed with the uniform designs.
But, how will Sinead react when Alya fails to give her any of the credit?
Coronation Street