Coronation Street

Preview Pictures: Coming Up On The Cobbles

Coming Up: Ali tries to save Cormac but is it too late? Steve is preparing for the wedding and as Josh is discharged but will Billy still help him?

Cormac Collapses

Ryan finds Cormac collapsed in the flat after taking drugs. He calls Ali who rushes round.
The paramedics arrive soon after, but is it too late?

Steve's Secret

Steve attends secret dance lessons with Abi in preparation for his wedding.
Steve thinks that Tracy has given him a free pass before the wedding and tries to take his opportunity with Abi at their dance lesson. Will he cheat on Tracy?
Later, Peter gets a call from Tracy saying that Amy has had an accident and is in hospital. He goes looking for Steve but what will he find?
Steve takes Tracy to The Bistro to cheer her up as she's upset about Amy and is disconcerted to see Peter on the table next to him. Will he keep his secret?

Josh Returns

Josh is discharged from hospital and Billy takes him to his flat.
He tries to explain to David that he feels responsible, but after seeing how upset David is, he knows he has to tell Josh to leave.
Alya discovers that Josh is at Billy's flat and goes round to confront him.
Johnny is being blackmailed and confronts Liz to see if she has told Jim about their dalliance.
Later, Liz talks to Hannah about her treatment and tells her she can only raise £10k. How will she react?
Coronation Street