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Preview Pictures: Coming Up On Corrie

This Week: The Barlows team up to protect Peter, Aggie tries to play nice and Gail and Eileen are at it again...

Barlows Assemble!

In what could be a first for the Barlows, Adam, Ken and Tracy team up! Their mission: Protect Peter.

Which may be easier said than done when Peter starts lashing out...

Can Carla swoop in and save the day, or is she Peter's kryptonite?

BFFs (Best Frenemies Forever)

Just when you think Gail and Eileen were letting bygones be bygones, George shows up with a connection to Gail's past.

Which, of course, Eileen is deeply thrilled about...

George doesn't know what he's letting himself in for!

Someone should probably warn him (we're not getting involved)!

Aggie Gets Aggy

Staying at home is all fun and games until you realise that the woman who you hate more than anyone else in the world is going to be hanging around, A LOT!

Deep breath and big smiles Aggie… you’ve got this. 

(She hasn't got this).

Debbie's Denial

Debbie claims she has no knowledge about the shadier side of Ray.

But when the police come knocking. What will she tell them?

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street