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Preview Pictures: Coming Up On The Street

Next week: Simon puts himself and his dad in danger! Also: Fiz grows increasingly jealous of Alina and Seb tries to make amends with Nina.

Dancing With Danger

Peter receives the call that we’ve all been waiting for!

At their hideout, Nick fills Leanne in on Peter's good news, unaware that Simon is listening in.

He wouldn’t do anything stupid though…

Like turn up in places where there are potential spies 👀

And then Peter definitely wouldn’t get involved and get hurt, would he?


A Very Jealous Fiz

Fiz is heartbroken to see Ruby and Hope having so much fun with Tyrone and Alina.

She confides in Maria that her biggest fear is the girls choosing Alina over her.

We better not tell her that Tyrone is planning on taking Alina to Kev’s wedding then! 😬

Dev Causes Drama

Friction between Dev and Corey’s dad causes trouble for Asha.

And Corey makes it very clear that he doesn’t want Dev to visit their new flat again. 

It's okay Dev, we still think you're the coolest 😎

Seb Misses The Mark

Seb doesn't quite get the tone right when apologising to Nina.

Better luck next time…

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street