Coronation Street

Preview Pictures: Coming Up On Coronation Street

Next week: Todd is finally exposed, but how will Billy and Summer feel? Also, James gets injured when the police stop him and Ty gets jealous.

Break Out The Popcorn!

Everyone is ready and waiting for the grand reveal of the charity calendar... you won't know where to look!

But Todd has no idea that he has a front row seat to what could be his ownexposure.

Will Paul finally show everyone Todd's true nature!?

James' Injury

As James and Michael are test driving a sports car, they get pulled over by the police.

But when James questions the officer as to why he pulled them over, he gets arrested for obstruction.

Whilst handcuffed, James trips and injures his leg.

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Drawing Battle Lines

Hope manages the impossible... She gets Fiz and Ty to stop bickering.

But the peace doesn't last long when Hope includes Fiz’s new fella in some artwork…

And Fiz can barely contain her joy when Tyrone gets jealous!


Aadi tries to flirt with Summer.

Toyah and Imran rally around Kelly.

And Freda offers a helping hand to Gemma and Chesney.

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Coronation Street