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Preview Pictures: Scott takes aim at the Bistro

Coming up: Things take a dark turn when Scott robs the Bistro, but who will be in the firing line? Also: Todd meets his match and Arthur upsets Evelyn!

Scott Takes Aim

Scott heads to the Bistro with gun in hand and someone is going to get hurt, but who will it be?

Faye? An innocent witness.

Craig? A young police officer on duty.

Johnny? An ex criminal who wants to leave the past behind.

Or Jenny? A harmless bystander.

Not everyone will get off scot-free...

Don’t Mess With George

Whilst out for dinner, Todd tries to belittle George. 

But George is having none of it! Has Todd finally met his match?

Selling Up

Imran tells Alya that they might have to sell Yasmeen’s house to help with her legal fees.

Gary jumps at the chance to put them in touch with a developer - he's so... kind!

But should they trust him? Probably not...

Later, Yasmeen admits that half the house belongs to Geoff. 

And he wastes no time in holding it over Alya. How are they going to find a way out of this one?

Arthur's Secret

Evelyn suggests that her and Arthur should take an extended trip, rather than just a weekend. 

But Arthur doesn’t react well. He makes excuses and rushes out, leaving Evelyn devastated. 

What is he hiding?

And will he be able to make amends before it's too late?

Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street