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Yasmeen lashes out in fear, but will anyone believe that she acted in self defence? Also, Summer takes pity on Kelly and Daniel returns from the grief retreat.

Yasmeen is backed into a corner

Still feeling under the weather, Yasmeen visits the doctors. She’s shocked to discover that she’s tested positive for chlamydia.

Later, before leaving the house, Geoff forces Yasmeen to change into a dress that is way out of her comfort zone.

As they raise a toast to Sally and Tim, Yasmeen is surprised to hear that Geoff has offered to pay for their wedding.

Back home, Geoff viciously reveals that he brought the dress for one of his escorts. 

He mood continues to darken and he backs a frightened Yasmeen into a corner, she’s helpless and fears for her safety.

A terrified Yasmeen snatches a wine bottle, a struggle ensues and Geoff slumps to the ground.

What has Yasmeen done?!

A new start for Kelly

Summer and Billy take pity on Kelly when she reveals that her mum has abandoned her.

Will they be the positive influence that Kelly needs in her life?

Daniel Returns

Back from his grief retreat, Daniel tells Ken that it was a great help.

But is he telling the complete truth?

If you've been affected by Yasmeen's story, please visit: https://www.itv.com/advice/yasmeens-story

Coronation Street