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Preview Pictures: This Week On The Cobbbles

Sally starts a protest, Gail confronts Shona, Sinead is in for a surprise and Sarah wants to know all about Nathan.

Chesney's revenge

Chesney is thrilled when Sinead texts asking if she can come round but how will she react when she finds Chesney expecting a romantic reunion?
Realising Chesney’s meeting didn't go well, Gemma suggests it's time he had his revenge by selling Sinead's belongings in the kebab shop!
Daniel sees red, marching in and making a grab for Sinead's things. Chesney shoves him hard but as Daniel snaps Chesney is hit with more than he bargained for.

Another surprise for Sinead

Taking Beth to one side, Sinead drops a bombshell - she's pregnant!
How will Beth react?

Sally takes a stand!

When Sally tears a strip off Kevin for making the girls clean windows for a living...
Anna sees red and points out that Darling Rosie' is actually a drugs mule!
When a builder, Zack, throws a flirty comment at Rosie...
An already fired up Sally threatens to report him for sexual harassment.
When it falls on deaf ears, Rita, Yasmeen, Erica, Rana and Brian join Sally in her protest outside the building site.
When Gary suggests they give up, Rita's incensed and chains herself to the railings with Brian's bike lock.

Is Shona back to her old tricks?

Gail discovers her purse missing from her handbag and immediately accuses Shona of stealing it.
Will David back her up?

Sarah plays detective

Mel warns Bethany that the last thing Nathan would want is for her to get pregnant and she should consider having a contraceptive implant.
Sarah quizzes Bethany about her evening with Nathan but she's evasive.
With Bethany out of the way, Sarah takes her phone and finds Nathan's number...

What's Adam up to?

As they busy themselves with a huge flower order, Adam compliments Mary on her floristry skills and she basks in his flattery.
Adam offers to deliver the flower order and Tracy hands him Ken's car keys - what is he up to now?
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