Preview Pictures: Coming up on the Cobbles

Coming up: Things turn ugly when Sarah discovers the secret Gary has been trying to keep buried. Also: Ed surprises Aggie and Yasmeen finds an ally.

The Secret Is Out

Gary - Coronation Street - ITV

Gary is panicked when Bernie tells him that Brian found a watch in the woods...

Bernie - Coronation Street - ITV

He quizzes Bernie, which raises Sarah's suspicions about what he's hiding.

Gary and Sarah - Coronation Street - ITV

When the watch ends up in Sarah’s hands, things get heated when she finally unearths the truth about what Gary did to Rick!

Sarah and Gary - Coronation Street - ITV

A horrified Sarah tries to run away but ends up in the path of an oncoming vehicle.

Sarah and Gary - Coronation Street - ITV

Just in time, Gary pushes her out of the way but puts himself in front of the car!

Sarah and Gary - Coronation Street - ITV

Will he be okay?

Behind The Scenes

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Alya's Hope!

Yasmeen  - Coronation Street - ITV

Yasmeen wakes up in the hospital and Alya assures her that she will be okay and that the trial has been postponed. 

Alya - Coronation Street - ITV

Later, Alya receives a call from someone who may be prepared to give evidence against Geoff.

Alya and Elaine  - Coronation Street - ITV

They meet up in secret and try to put a plan together to save Yasmeen.

Tim and Geoff  - Coronation Street - ITV

But will their plan work? Or will Geoff find a way to ruin things?

Aggie Is Everyone's Hero

Ed and Abi  - Coronation Street - ITV

The Baileys’ car has broken down, making things difficult for Aggie’s commute to work.

Abi  - Coronation Street - ITV

Abi lends them Kevin’s car - grateful for Aggie’s work on the front line at the hospital.

Ed and Aggie  - Coronation Street - ITV

Aggie later calls Ed to explain that she will have to stay in a hotel for a while due to situations at work. 

Ed  - Coronation Street - ITV

But Ed is gutted as he had planned her a surprise virtual party for her! Can he find another way to show Aggie how he feels about her?