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Preview Pictures: Coming up on the Cobbles

Coming up: Things turn ugly when Sarah discovers the secret Gary has been trying to keep buried. Also: Ed surprises Aggie and Yasmeen finds an ally.

The Secret Is Out

Gary is panicked when Bernie tells him that Brian found a watch in the woods...

He quizzes Bernie, which raises Sarah's suspicions about what he's hiding.

When the watch ends up in Sarah’s hands, things get heated when she finally unearths the truth about what Gary did to Rick!

A horrified Sarah tries to run away but ends up in the path of an oncoming vehicle.

Just in time, Gary pushes her out of the way but puts himself in front of the car!

Will he be okay?

Behind The Scenes

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Alya's Hope!

Yasmeen wakes up in the hospital and Alya assures her that she will be okay and that the trial has been postponed. 

Later, Alya receives a call from someone who may be prepared to give evidence against Geoff.

They meet up in secret and try to put a plan together to save Yasmeen.

But will their plan work? Or will Geoff find a way to ruin things?

Aggie Is Everyone's Hero

The Baileys’ car has broken down, making things difficult for Aggie’s commute to work.

Abi lends them Kevin’s car - grateful for Aggie’s work on the front line at the hospital.

Aggie later calls Ed to explain that she will have to stay in a hotel for a while due to situations at work. 

But Ed is gutted as he had planned her a surprise virtual party for her! Can he find another way to show Aggie how he feels about her?

Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street