Coronation Street

Preview Pictures: Mon 27 Mar - Fri 31 Mar

Coming up on the Street: It's a tough week ahead for the Barlows, the Websters are up against the ropes, Phelan finally loses his cool and Roy has some questions for Brian and Cathy.

Toyah meets up with Toby and tells him she's left Peter. As she climbs in Toby's car, Peter watches, gutted.
Peter rails at Ken, accusing him of wrecking his life.
As Peter eyes the bottle of whisky longingly he reaches a decision. Will Peter return to the bottle?
Tracy rows with Ken, accusing him of putting his real kids before her and Amy.
As the recital starts at the community centre Amy slips away.
Luke and Tracy search for Amy in the ginnel, unaware of a figure watching them from the shadows.
Sinead returns with some devastating news for Daniel.
Ken is in turmoil following his rows with Peter and Tracy, and dealing with the weight of Daniel’s revelation.
Phelan can barely contain his anger when Ken takes it out on him for taking so long over the kitchen. Especially when Ken points out that he should be grateful for the work when most people wouldn't give him the time of day.
So when Todd winds Phelan up he flips and shoves Todd up against the wall! Is Phelan's conscience getting the better of him?
Brian is pleased to see Cathy as she arrives back from Scotland and presents him with a pair of socks to replace the ones she ruined.
But how will Roy react between the growing friendship between Brian and Cathy?
Rosie and Sophie are perturbed when they overhear Kevin and Anna talking.
Especially when Kevin admits that his money troubles are so bad he may not meet the mortgage payment.
When Fiz gives a stressed Alya a massage, Sean points out how much professionals charge which gives Fiz a brainwave...
Jenny and Sally are interviewed on Radio Weatherfield. As Sally talks about her own cancer experience, Tim and Rosie listen with pride.
But later, Tim's floored when Sally tells him that she's got to go into hospital as her cancer has come back. Will she be okay?
Coronation Street