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Preview Pictures: New Year On The Cobbles

Coming up: Peter's health takes a turn for the worse. Also: Baby fun for Toyah and Imran, Paul is in over his head and Arthur is back!

A Lost Cause

Whilst chatting to Daniel, Peter starts to feel unwell.

All of a sudden, he slumps to the floor!

Exhausted and depressed, he admits defeat. He tells Ken that after years of abusing his body, it’s time to accept that he’s dying...

Discharging himself, Peter returns home. Carla immediately lays into him, not realising that he comes bearing bad news.

How will she react when he explains everything?!

In Too Deep

Billy and Paul bump into Todd on a date with Ajay, the manager at the helpline. 

Ajay relishes the opportunity to chat about his job and mentions how important it is to not get too involved. 

We hope your listening Paul..!

First Christmas

Toyah and Imran are living in a Christmas bubble of happiness with baby Mason. 

But how will Toyah react when she discovers that Imran declined the chance to foster another baby when Mason goes back to his mum?

A Fresh Start

Shona is thrilled when Roy offer her a job back at the cafe!

Let's hope he doesn't regret it!

An Old Romantic

Arthur calls with a belated Christmas present for Evelyn.

But she isn’t impressed and tells him to take a hike!

Will he be able to win her round?

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street