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Preview Pictures: Coming Up On The Cobbles

Next week: Summer and Aaron are given some heartbreaking news. Also, Eileen spots something suspicious and how on earth did Steve break his leg?!

Bad News For Summer

Summer and Aaron are devastated to discover that Summer has suffered a miscarriage.

Later, when Ester and Mike call round, it all gets too much for Summer and she rushes out.

Sean’s Mix Up

A drunken Laurence calls at the Rovers and tells Todd that he really likes Sean.

As Todd helps him into a taxi, Eileen passes by. But what has she seen?!

When Sean accuses Laurence of copping off with Todd, he’s stunned!

Can he persuade Sean that nothing is going on?

Stephen’s Need For Speed

Stephen gets his delivery job back, but is accosted by a group of teenagers who have petty theft on the brain!

As Stephen spots Elaine approaching, he attempts to race away.

But in his haste he loses control and ends up sprawled on the road!

Will Elaine spot him?


Ken struggles to juggle the women in his life.

Nick tells Leanne that Natasha’s sister has said they can use Sam’s inheritance, but is all as it seems?

Maria faces backlash when she’s trying to help the community.

And how on earth did Steve break his leg?! Tim says it was at a foam party surrounded by gorgeous girls...

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street