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Preview Pictures: Big Things To Look Out For Next On Corrie!

Coming up: Nick meets his son for the first time, but will things go smoothly? Also: Abi comes to Peter's defence and Michael pops the question!

Nick Meets Sam

Natasha brings Sam round to visit Nick for the first time.

Will he be a chip off the old block?

After, Nick goes to David for advice...

Will he be able to offer some parental insights?

Feeling Guilty Gary?

Gary is horrified when he finds Sarah and Maria having a chat. 

But surely he wouldn’t say anything suspicious...

Would he…?

Why do we think this is going to be really awkward?

Abi To The Rescue

Abi calls in to see Carla and defends Peter's for helping her fight her addiction.

But will Carla be in the mood to listen?

It could go either way..!

Daniel Under Pressure

Geoff is intrigued when he sees Nicky handing Daniel some cash.

Will he stick his nose in? Do we even need to ask that question!?

Later, at the police station, Daniel cracks under the pressure. 

Is he about to be in a world of trouble?

A Surprise Proposal

Grace is stunned when Michael gets down on one knee!

Will she say yes!?

Oliver's Treatment

After speaking with the German clinic, the consultant breaks the heartbreaking news that Oliver’s condition is too severe for treatment.

Nonetheless, Ray makes a surprise donation.

What will they do now?

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street