Coronation Street

Preview Pictures: Mon 3 Oct - Fri 7 Oct

Coming up on the Cobbles: David has a very bad week, Steve and Tim make a new friend, Norris gives Freddie ballroom dancing lessons and will Sarah and Gary go for a drink?

David agrees to go along to a grief counselling session to appease Gail but refuses to speak to the counsellor when he gets there.
Later, David is viciously attacked by the menacing figure at the Dog and Gun.
Will he make it home in one piece?
To make matters worse, the police turn up at No.8 and arrest David on suspicion of perverting the course of justice - what’s David done now?
Later, David sets his sights once more on his revenge plan...
Heading to the hospital David finds Macca fighting for his life.
Michelle is embarrassed when she finds Steve, Tim and Tyrone fawning over her new wedding client Tommy Orpington.
But things turn sour when Steve learns that Tim has invited Tommy round for some home brew and accuses Tim of trying to steal his new friend!
Andy shares his latest story with Steph and hopes she'll sing his praises.
But when Steph is horrified by his fictional tastes, Andy is left fuming and feels unsupported.
Audrey is eaten up with jealousy when she sees a dressed up Rita heading off to the Zambezi Club party with Freddie.
But when she sees them return to the Street later, Audrey decides to mark her territory...
Freddie is panicked when Audrey wants to take him dancing and he confides in Tyrone and Luke that he has two left feet.
In a bid to help him out, Tyrone calls upon the help of Norris who gives Freddie a ballroom dancing lesson.
What could possibly go wrong?
Vinny reminds Phelan that if they can keep the game up for another two months then they'll be on a beach sipping cocktails enjoying their new wealth.
But for how much longer can Vinny endure Eileen's interfering?
Sarah’s perturbed when Izzy tells her they saw Bethany out running on her lunch hour.
Grateful to Gary for his support, Sarah invites him out for a drink.
But can the two put their problems aside for the evening and will their date be a success?
Coronation Street