Coronation Street

4 Things To Watch Out For Next Week

Want to know what's coming up next on the cobbles? You've come to the right place!

Can the Connors catch Caz?

Aidan hires a hotshot solicitor to take on Maria's case but in doing so is Aidan dangerously putting his business and family on the line for Maria?
Later, Aidan visits some old contacts in the hope of drumming up business...
But he suddenly spots a familiar face working in the back!
It's Caz! Clocking Aidan, Caz does a runner through the fire exit but will this be the evidence he needs to free Maria?
Kate discovers Caz's hidden cameras and aware she's listening in, tells Aidan that she still loves Caz!
Caz lets herself into Maria's flat and finding Kate alone, admits she's been eavesdropping.
Desperate Caz implores Kate to run away with her. Has Kate bitten off more than she can chew?

End of the engagement?

With his grandparent's marriage in tatters, Zeedan wonders to Rana whether they should call off their engagement.
Deeply hurt Rana tells Zeedan she never wants to see him again.
Begging Rana to give Zeedan another chance, Leanne cajoles her into her car and drives her to the wedding venue!
Zeedan is waiting suited and booted, revealing that everything is in place for them to get married there and then if she'll change her mind. Will a shell-shocked Rana agree?

Is Mary okay?

Erica agrees to accompany Mary to the doctors.
But when the doctor confirms she's nothing to worry about, Mary's unconvinced and insists she has a scan. What could be playing on Mary's mind?

Will Tim dig himself out of a hole?

Tim's underwhelmed when Sally reveals she's rented him an allotment.
As Tim settles down in his new shed, Sally presents him with a spade and tells him to get cracking.
But when Tyrone and Freddie return with an ancient looking vase, Tim suddenly realises he could have some fun with his new allotment.
Suddenly there is an archaeology team digging over his allotment in the search for ancient pottery, as Roy watches with interest. What is Tim up to?
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