Coronation Street

Preview Pictures: It's Time For The Hearing

This week on the Street: Seb's Court hearing begins! Nina's memory starts to come back and Todd makes a mess with Phelan's ashes...

The Hearing Begins

Asha enters the witness box and explains how Corey bullied her and forced her to lie to the police.

Nina tells the court how she remembers seeing Corey kicking Seb repeatedly and Kelly begging him to stop.

Imran cross examines Corey, suggesting that in fact he was the one who killed Seb. Will Corey be rattled?

Flashback Scenes

Nina's memory starts to return... and in a series of specially shot reconstruction scenes, the audience is taken back to the night she lost Seb.

And the horrific nature of the attack.

Will the truth about the events will be revealed!?

Todd Makes A Mess...

George chases Todd to try and retrieve Phelan's ashes but Todd trips up, sending them flying!

Just in time for Eileen to walk in and see everything!

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Coronation Street