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Coming up: Seb is left red-faced after he thinks he's in with a chance with Sarah! Chesney asks Gemma to move in, Evelyn goes missing and Clayton's siege comes to a bloody end...

Crushing Seb

Sarah discovers that Gary is paying Seb a reduced wage and insists Gary pay him the same amount as the other builders! A grateful Seb looks at her wistfully...
Getting his wires well and truly crossed Seb thinks he’s been invited upstairs by Sarah - only to be met by screams!
Horrified Sarah sends a humiliated Seb packing!
Later, Seb can’t hold back his anger and has a go at Gary about Sarah.
Is Seb about to find himself out of a job?

Shona's Seige

As the siege continues, Shona tries to talk Clayton down. Distracting him she kicks the knife away and they scuffle across the floor!
Soon after, Shona staggers from the building covered in blood and sinks to the ground as David watches in anguish.
With echoes of Kylie's death, is history repeating itself?

Doctor Ali

Ali tells Ryan he’s had enough of the Bistro and he’s going to return to the medical profession. But is he ready to go back?

Happy Families?

Chesney suggests to Gemma that she should move in on a permanent basis.
How will Joseph feel about this?

Is Yasmeen Getting Cold Feet?

Geoff arrives with flowers for Yasmeen and his overnight bag, clearly with designs of a romantic evening...
But Yasmeen makes a sharp exit, leaving Geoff confused.

Fixing Underworld

Carla tells Gary she has a leak in the ceiling and wants him to fix it as cheaply as possible.
But when Gary reminds her that the whole roof needs replacing, Carla doesn't believe him, saying he is just after more money...

Robert's Plan

When Robert hears of Billy's work with the bail hostel, he approaches him with a proposition. Will Billy take him up on his offer?

Where's Evelyn?

James reveals how he 'lost' Evelyn on their holiday and hoped that she’d made her own way home.
When Tyrone confesses he hasn't heard from her, they both begin to panic - where is Evelyn and will she be okay?
Coronation Street