Preview Pictures: Coming Up On The Cobbles

On the Street next week: Shona faces a dilemma over Clayton, Gemma and Paul get themselves into a tricky situation, and who are the new owners of the Kabin?

Shona's Conflict

Shona visits Clayton in prison to tell him his dad has died from an overdose...
But, when she realises he already knew and he says he is being bullied, will Shona help him be moved to an open prison?
Later, Nick is furious with Shona and tells her that she has no regard for David’s feelings... Will she stand for his accusations?

Boys Barbers

David and Nick plan to interview a series of gorgeous women for the barbers, but are put out when Andrea, turns out to be an Italian man.
When Shona and Leanne find out, they are furious and insist they employ Andrea! Will the boy's listen?

Stolen Hearts

Ever the opportunist, Paul 'finds' a diamond ring and sells it at the market for £200. But when Roy worries his mother's ring is missing, Gemma is suspicious…
Gemma confronts Paul, pointing out the ring was worth £3k! Can they get it back?
Paul warns Gemma that if she grasses him up to Roy he will tell Chesney about her past…
But with the market trader refusing to hand over the ring, Gemma and Paul break into his van to try and find it and end up locked in the back!
After quite an adventure (and finally free from the van!), Gemma hugs Chesney. Clocking their chemistry, Emma realises the truth and finishes with Chesney.
But how will Emma feel when she sees Gemma and Chesney together?

Roy's Mystery

Carla is worried when she returns from a business trip to find Roy obsessing about an inscription he has found on his mother’s ring. Will he get to the bottom of it?

Liz v Jenny

Having heard about Jenny's meltdown, Liz lets herself into the pub... How will she react?

Setting Sail

Peter tells Abi that he is not looking for a sailing companion, but ever hopeful Abi has a plan…Can she change Peter’s mind before he sets sail?

Kabin Fever

An excited Brian suggests to Cathy that they should buy the Kabin! When Cathy agrees, Brian is overjoyed.
However, when Cathy and Brian head over to tell Rita their plans, will she be as keen as them?