Coronation Street

Preview Pictures: Coming Up On The Cobbles

Coming up: Rana and Imran receive some bad news, Tracy and Steve help Abi through some hard times and Alya has an epiphany.

Rana's Rejection

Hassan drops into the solicitors office to ask Imran to his 60th Birthday party.
But when Imran finds out that Rana isn't invited, will he agree to attend?
Imran breaks the news to Rana that Hassan has had a stroke and she rushes to the hospital to visit him.
But when Saira sees Rana, she bans her from seeing her father.

Heartbreak for Abi

Mary and Beth compete with ridiculous ideas about Tracy's hen. Meanwhile, Abi tries to muscle in on their plans.
Abi has a visit with the twins but is upset when she struggles to bond with them.
Later she confides in Steve who opens up about Ruairi and encourages her to rebuild her relationship with the twins. But Steve is shocked when she kisses him.
Soon after, Tracy arrives to take her friend home. Will Steve come clean about what has happened?
Tracy is not happy with Steve when she finds out from Sally that he and Tim have given themselves a £1000 bonus from Street Cars. She suggests he goes and buys her an engagement ring, sending Abi to help him.

Alya's Epiphany

Alya is given a DVD of an interview Aidan did with a student about kidney donation.
When she watches it she realises how much his family meant to him. Will this change her mind?
Coronation Street