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Preview Pictures: This Week On The Street

A fabulous homecoming, new love and heartbreak, a surprise proposal and an accident waiting to happen - all in a week's work on the cobbles!

Welcome home Rosie

Sophie arrives home from Miami and dragging Kevin outside, tells him she's brought him a surprise.
Kevin's thrilled when Rosie emerges from the taxi.
As Rosie drags her vast amount of luggage into the house talking nonstop nonsense, Anna wonders what's hit her!
They don't get long to play happy families before the police burst in! Explaining that they have reason to believe there are illegal drugs in the the girl's luggage! What has Rosie been caught up in?
Kevin admits to Sophie he's in financial straits because of her medical bill, the loss of the tow truck and the fire at the garage. Sophie feels terrible.
Having been released by the police, Sophie and Rosie decide to try and sort out the mess they have found themselves in but they are shocked by what they find out.

New romance

Having borrowed the keys from Johnny, Sinead lets Daniel into the factory where he beavers away at his studies whilst Sinead does some sewing.
Alone in the factory, Daniel reads a poem to Sinead and likens her to the main character. The spark between them is evident.
Meanwhile, Chesney waits for Sinead at the Bistro.
Unfortunately for Chesney, Sinead is a little distracted...
As one thing leads to another and Sinead and Daniel kiss!
Chesney is devastated to find out about Daniel and Sinead and seeks his revenge.
But he doesn't expect Daniel's darker side!
Has Chesney bit off more than he can chew?

Caught red handed!

When Seb is found stealing, Eileen demands that report him to the police.
But Phelan has other ideas...

Popping the question

Leanne is stunned to discover that Nick planned to propose to her.
Leanne bursts into the Bistro kitchen and waving the engagement ring at Nick, asks him to propose to her. Is it too late?

Shona's softer side

When David hands Shona a thank you card from Lily, she's overcome with emotion. Leaving David a little bemused.

Q. What do you call a man with a car on his head?


As Adam and Tracy approach the garage, they're horrified to find Luke trapped under a car!
Using a jack, Adam lifts the car enough for Luke to crawl out.
When Kevin admits he wasn't using the safety standard and Luke's accident is entirely his fault, Tracy promises him he hasn't heard the last of this.
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Coronation Street