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Preview Pictures: Next Week On Corrie!

Next week: The Rovers is for sale! But who will be behind the bar?! Also: Fiz goes head to head with Tyrone and Bernie is on a mission!

The Rovers Is On The Market

Jenny breaks the news to Sean and Emma that the Rovers is for sale.

But not if Daisy has anything to do about it!

She tries to persuade Jenny that they should buy it, but can they get the cash in time?

Fiz Versus Alina And Tyrone

Hope gives Alina the run around... right into the road!

Luckily, Ronnie manages to stop and Alina explains it was all a ploy just to scare her!

But as Fiz approaches, what will Hope’s story be?

Later, Fiz asks Adam for some help.

And Tyrone isn’t happy about it at all!

Bernie Rumbles Evelyn

With the aid of Cerberus, Bernie manages to expose Evelyn’s scam!

On a high, she celebrates with Dev. 🥂

But Mary is soon on the warpath… uh oh!


Carla is frantic as a liver has been found for Peter, but she can’t find him!

Nina is struggling to cope, but Summer and Asha don’t know how to help.

Sean isn’t too pleased with Daisy’s ruthless selling techniques.

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street