Coronation Street

Preview Pictures: This Week On The Street

Maria and Aidan rekindle their affair, Sally has some catching up to do with Gina, David gets drunk, Rana and Zeedan go into business and Leanne worries when Oliver falls ill.

Maria and Aidan meet for a passionate clinch in the ginnel.
But David clocks them and is suspicious. Will Maria admit the truth about her affair?
Later, determined to make Eva dislike her, Maria slags off Leanne and a row escalates between the women.
But that's not the only shock for Eva, when she stumbles upon Toyah's secret about going behind Peter's back with the IVF. Has it been a success?
Rana surprises Zeedan with a food van.
Could this be the start of a new business venture selling his street food?
Sally is shocked when Gina approaches telling her how sorry she is.
Leah quickly intercepts and bundles Gina into her car before she can say any more!
Finding Gina's address, Sally and Tim pay her visit and is appalled by the state of her house.
When Leah explains that Gina is bipolar, Sally feels awful and insists they must come and stay with them.
David hears the news that Clayton has been hospitalised and heads to the pub to celebrate.
Shona finds a drunken David sitting on the cobbles where Kylie died, will she reveal the truth about who she really is?
Michelle's furious to see Steve returning from a trip to the seaside with Oliver on the day that Ruairi was due to be born.
Later, Leanne and Nick have to rush to hospital when Oliver falls ill - will he be okay?
Coronation Street