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Preview Pictures: Goodbye Natasha

Next week: Sam says goodbye to his mum, Kelly is released from prison and Abi has a proposal for Jack!

Natasha's Funeral

Sam says goodbye to his Mum.

Struggling to cope, he slips his hand into Nicks and squeezes tightly.

As David, Shona and Audrey watch on, heartbroken.

Later, Nick reads Sam's eulogy and can't contain his emotions. Can he help him get through this?

Kelly Is Out, But Is She Free?

Kelly's appeal hearing takes place.

...and it's good news!

She's released with immediate effect.

In an attempt to prove to Nina how sorry she is...

...she takes a trip to York to try and replace her lost ring.

How will Nina react to Kelly's olive branch?

Playing Favourites

Aadi tells his dad how he's upset with the fact he saved his sister before him.

Dev tries to explain that he loves them both equally.

But when Asha walks in Aadi takes his anger out on her.

Can Dev talk him round? Or is the damage too great to fix?

Tyrone's New Admirer

Tyrone makes it clear to another parent that he’s not impressed by her attitude towards Hope.

Which catches the eye of Isla...

Who is very impressed with Tyrone and his passion to stick up for his daughter.

But does he know what he's letting himself in for?

The Wrong Impression

Max asks Summer for some help but she's babysitting Bertie.

So she suggests she tutors Max up in Daniel's flat.

Gazing at her adoringly, Max thanks Summer for his lesson.

But when Daniel returns he ushers Summer out in a hurry

What's the hurry for?!

Job's A Good'Un

Ronnie convinces James to have a word with Danny about turning down the job.

James confronts Danny and suspects that it's because of him.

Will Danny tell him what's going on?

Can I Be Your Mum?

Abi hands a document over to Jack

Which explains she would like to adopt him!

But will he be happy to have her as his mum?

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street