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6 Things To Watch Out For Next Week

We're only a week into 2017 and already there's heartbreak, a robbery, sibling rivalry, a ketchup attack and Audrey doing shots at a party!

Confessions at Michelle's baby shower

Michelle is frosty towards Robert, leaving him bemused and wondering what he's done to upset her.
Michelle asks Robert if he's harbouring feelings for her...
But when he confirms that he's in love with her, how will Michelle react?
Everyone gathers in the Rovers for Leanne and Michelle's baby shower.
With the drinking games underway, Audrey knocks back shot after shot to whoops of encouragement from the girls.
But, Michelle suffers a sudden pain and Leanne insists on taking her to hospital to be checked out, will Michelle listen?

Chesney's in the firing line

Having found out from Gemma that Chesney offered to work her shift so she could attend the baby shower, Sinead furious.
Upset that Chesney lied to her, Sinead knocks back the wine which has disastrous consequences...

Bad news for Kevin

Tyrone reveals his car valeting idea to Kevin. Kevin's scathing and the pair row over the garage finances.
Meanwhile, Andy nervously loiters on an industrial estate awaiting delivery of Kevin's new pick up truck.
He's about to bottle out when Phelan calls him and makes it clear that if he fails in his mission, Steph will be made to suffer.
At Fiz and Anna's insistence, Kevin and Tyrone bury the hatchet over a beer but Kevin's perplexed when he gets a call enquiring if he's happy with his new truck.
When he explains that he hasn't had the truck yet, he's told that it's definitely been delivered as they have his signature on the delivery note. Is Andy about to be rumbled?
As Phelan heads to the garage to collect his van, Todd approaches and warns him to stop flashing his cash around or people will realise he was behind the building scam and how he ripped them off.
When Phelan finds out from Luke how Kevin has just installed CCTV, he's quietly concerned, recalling his earlier conversation with Todd in the garage.

Can Eva save Underworld?

Aidan confides in Eva that Underworld could go bust because of the Barlow boys.
Eva's outraged but takes matters into her own hands - can she change Peter’s mind?

It's make or break time for the Nazirs

After presenting Dev and Zeedan with a warrant addressed to Sharif, the bailiffs start removing the gym equipment.
In a bid to try and stop them, Zeedan barges his way into the factory and demands that Alya hand over the embroidery machine hoping he can use it as collateral to stave off the bailiffs.
When Alya refuses, how will Zeedan react?

Nathan offers Bethany a job

Upon finding Bethany at the bus stop, Nathan asks her if she'd deliver some salon fliers for him in return for a free spray tan.
Pleased at the opportunity to bunk off school, Bethany readily agrees.
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