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Preview Pictures: New Year On The Cobbles

See what's coming up on Coronation Street next week...

Eva watches jealously as Jenny is in her element playing hostess to Johnny's friends.
But then Johnny makes an announcement that shocks his guests to the core...

Phelan to the rescue!

When Anna falls and hurts herself, little Jack runs for help. Unfortunately, it’s Phelan that finds him and rushes to Anna’s aid.
But is he really there to help?
And how will Kevin react when he returns to find Phelan in his home?

Mary waves goodbye

As her friends gather round Mary and Jude’s taxi, Mary's overcome with emotion.
Can Mary really leave Weatherfield (and Norris) for good?

Conflict for the Connors

Aidan shoves Adam up against a wall, telling him he'll do everything within his power to stop him getting his hands on the factory.
Later, suspicious Jenny confronts Johnny demanding to know if Aidan's having an affair.
Johnny confirms that he is but refuses to reveal who with. Spotting Aidan and Alya chatting, will Jenny put two and two together and get five?
Jenny, playing the concerned friend, tells Eva that Aidan is sleeping with Alya and she'll catch them at their flat!
Eva barges into the flat all guns blazing!
But she's mortified to find a perfectly innocent business meeting taking place!
Aidan tears a strip off Jenny for trying to ruin his relationship with Eva but they're interrupted by a visit from the police telling Aidan they've had a complaint about his threatening behaviour towards Adam.
Furious Johnny delivers both Aidan and Jenny a devastating blow each - but what?

Rana's under pressure

Keen to have a grandchild, Yasmeen gives Rana some ovulation kits so she can maximise her chances.
How will Rana respond?

Brian's plan

Brian enlists Sally’s help in dissuading Roy from a cash buyer for the cafe.
But when it becomes clear she really knows nothing about him, is Brian's plan about to unravel?
In a last ditch effort Brian turns to Cathy, but will she be willing to help?

Billy's good deed

Having taken Shona to the local hostel, Billy does his best to secure her a bed for the night.
But will it be a case of old habits die hard for Shona?
Later, jobless Todd calls in Roy Rolls looking for work but he's put out to find Roy showing Shona the ropes!
How will Todd react to Billy putting Shona first for a second time?

Robert's hot date

Robert is going on a date - although he seems to have left her with Steph...
The date really doesn’t end well when Peggy confides to Steph that Robert's in love with another woman - but who could it be?

Sister squabbles

Toyah’s furious when Liz asks her why she didn’t turn up for her trial shift.
It looks like Eva failed to pass on the message - we don’t see this ending well...
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