Preview Pictures: New Year On The Cobbles

This week on the Street: Tracy does a bad, bad thing, the Barlows come together for Daniel, Jade lands Fiz in hot water and will Abi get her New Year's kiss?

Cheating Tracy

Tracy McDonald - Coronation Street - ITV
Tracy wakes up naked and hungover after New Year's Eve and realises she has cheated on Steve… But who with!?
Amy and Tracy - Coronation Street - ITV
A furious Amy quickly pieces it all together and orders Tracy to tell Steve the truth, or she’ll do it for her!
Amy and Tracy - Coronation Street - ITV
Is this the end for Steve and Tracy?

Horsing Around

Abi and Eileen - Coronation Street - ITV
Abi confides in Eileen that she’s got the hots for Kevin, but he overhears her likening him to a boring, safe hatchback...
Kevin - Coronation Street
Will Abi’s hopes for a New Year’s kiss work out as planned?

Breaking Hope

Fiz, Hope and Jade - Coronation Street - ITV
When Hope hurts her arm, Jade secretly takes her to A&E to have it looked at.
Nurse, Hope, Fiz, Jade - Coronation Street - ITV
Later, Fiz arrives at the hospital where the doctor explains that Hope has broken her arm after trapping it in a door.
Fiz and the doctor - Coronation Street - ITV
Is Hope telling lies again?

New Year's Resolutions

Daniel, Bertie, Adam, Ken, Carla and Peter - Coronation Street - ITV
The Barlows call at Daniel’s flat, determined that he and Bertie mustn’t spend New Year’s Eve on their own.
Daniel, Bertie, Adam, Ken, Carla and Peter - Coronation Street - ITV
As they raise a toast to Sinead how will Daniel cope?