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Preview Pictures: Nina and Seb's Hate Crime Attack

Seb and Nina are subjected to an unprovoked attack. Get a first look at how the story unfolds with the preview pictures.

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Nina helps Seb plan what gift he should get Abi on her wedding day.

Which, of course, she adores. She even asks Seb if he'd give her away on her big day.

We hope he says yes!

Meanwhile, Nina pops to Speed Dahl and clocks Corey and Kelly openly flirting with each other.

Worried for her friend, Nina tentatively tells Asha what she saw. How will she react?

Shortly after, Corey tells Asha he's heading out when his friend Eli turns up with a stolen car!

Will Asha, Summer and Kelly go with the boys?

Later, a loved up Nina and Seb decide to go for a walk along the canal when they come across the gang.

Drunken Eli and Corey start making nasty jibes at Nina.

And egged on by Eli, Kelly slaps Nina across the face!

As Seb and Nina hurry away, the gang gives chase...

The police arrive on the Street to break the devastating news to Roy and Abi that Nina and Seb have been attacked.

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