Preview Pictures: Secrets Unleashed

This week on the Street: Will Tracy and Steve make it down the aisle? Can Sinead marry Daniel with such a big secret looming over her? And how will Michelle and the boys survive the threat of Ronan!?

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Ronan’s Revenge

Ali - Coronation Street - ITV
Ali is suspend from work when they find out about his involvement in Cormac's death.
Ryan - Coronation Street - ITV
Elsewhere, a corrupt police officer threatens Ryan in prison saying he knows Ronan.
Michelle and Ronan - Coronation Street - ITV
Meanwhile, Michelle attends Cormac's wake and explains to Ronan that Ryan was only trying to protect his son.
Michelle, Ryan and Ali - Coronation Street - ITV
When Ronan doesn't react the way Michelle had hoped, she tells Ali and Ryan that they need to ask the police for protection.
Ronan - Coronation Street - ITV
But when they get in the car they realise that Ronan is following them! Left with no choice, Michelle floors the car and Ronan follows.
Ryan - Coronation Street - ITV
But Ronan eventually catches up with them. Will Ryan be okay once he's finished with him?

TERROR ON THE COBBLES: Kym Marsh reveals all...

Surprise For Sinead

Sinead - Coronation Street - ITV
A worried Sinead heads to her hospital appointment alone. Will she get the outcome she hopes for?
Sinead and Daniel - Coronation Street - ITV
Later, she is greeted at the tram stop by Daniel, who gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him - there and then!
Daniel and Sinead - Coronation Street - ITV
In turmoil, Sinead is whisked along by Daniel's enthusiasm.
Daniel and Sinead - Coronation Street - ITV
But will she confide in Daniel about her health concerns?

HEARTBREAKING SECRETS: Rob Mallard on Daniel's surprise wedding!

Tracy's Big Day

Tracy and Abi - Coronation Street - ITV
On the morning of her wedding, Tracy accuses Abi of sleeping with Steve - throwing her out before giving her chance to explain what's been going on!
Tracy and Steve - Coronation Street - ITV
Tracy then storms round to see Steve! How will she react when he reveals his dance moves?
Tracy and Steve - Coronation Street - ITV
With the truth out, Tracy then learns that both Beth and Ken have favoured Daniel's wedding over hers. Will the wedding still go ahead or is it destined to fail?

WEDDING SHOCK: Kate Ford hints at Tracy's Wedding disaster!

Jim and Hannah's Plan

Liz and Jim - Coronation Street - ITV
Liz tells Jim that she wants to give their relationship another go.
Hannah - Coronation Street - ITV
As Hannah jealously watches them, will she realise that his feelings for Liz are genuine and not part of their plan?
Johnny and Hannah - Coronation Street - ITV
Hannah then threatens Johnny, telling him that if he doesn't give her £5k she will tell Jenny everything. Will he do as she says, or is she about to unmask herself as a fraud?
Hannah and Jim - Coronation Street - ITV
With Liz's money in the bag, it's make or break time for Jim and Hannah but can they go through with it!?