Coronation Street

Preview Pictures: Six Things You Need To Know About Next Week's Coronation Street

From family secrets to some shocking home truths, there's a lot going on in Weatherfield next week!

1. Micheal learns the truth

Ronnie drops the Daddy of a bombshell on Michael - could he really be his father?

Still trying to get his head around things, Michael reaches out to Ed.

But are things still too raw for him to deal with? 

2. Faye worries for her future

The good news: Faye hears that Ray has been charged with sexual assault. 

The bad news: She tells Tim and Sally that she's convinced she’s going to prison. 

Perhaps a chat from big brother Gary will help..? Maybe?

3. Is this the end of the line for Alina?

When Alina reveals that she’s setting up a pop-up beautician’s in the salon, Maria seizes the chance to get her alone and books a consultation.  

Should Alina be worried?

Later, Tyrone begs her to move away for the sake of his family. 

We’re sure that will go down really well Tyrone… 

4. Corey's return sends Dev off the deep end

Corey puts pressure on Asha to go to bed with him. 

Please form an orderly queue behind Dev to throw him out! 

5. Todd has a dead impressive interview

Todd calls at the Undertakers hoping for a job.  

While George takes a call, Todd uses the opportunity to unleash his sales technique on an unsuspecting mourner and sells her the most expensive funeral plan.  

Will George give him a try?

6. Simon tries to get Nick to back off

In a bid to keep him away, Simon warns Nick that Leanne has moved on with a new man! 

Will a gutted Nick fall for his lies?

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