Preview Pictures: This Week On The Cobbles

Coming up: Watch out Geoff - Alya is coming for you! Also: Ken stages a coup and David is in big trouble!

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Alya versus Geoff

Alya quizzes Geoff about the hotel he’s booked for Zeedan’s wedding but suddenly he fakes a funny turn and clutches his chest. 

Yasmeen calls an ambulance but when the paramedics can't find anything wrong with him, Geoff refuses to go in for tests. 

Leaving Alya and Ryan suspicious, especially when Yasmeen announces that Geoff is in no fit state to fly, so she’s cancelling their trip. 

Alya confronts Geoff about his fictitious hotel booking and fake heart scare, but when Alya reveals that she’s been to the police, Geoff finally loses his temper and threatens her!

Yasmeen arrives home just in time but who will she side with?

Later, Yasmeen sneaks a peek at Geoff’s laptop, but what will she find?

Ken's Coup

Ken asks Charles to see a copy of the Residents rulebook, but when he’s evasive Ken decides to take a stand - much to Norris’ delight!

Aled's Big Day

Gemma and Chesney are nervous as the audiologist fits Aled's hearing aids. 

Will he react to the sound of Chesney and Gemma voices?

Trouble For David

David storms out after an argument with Gail, but as he wanders the streets drinking, he's suddenly jumped by a group of muggers!

They drag David into an alleyway and pull a knife on him. Will he be okay?