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Coming up on the Street: Celebrate our 10,000th episode with a coach trip to Blackpool! Also: Geoff gets a magic trick wrong and Tim has a surprise for Sally!

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Day trip to Blackpool!

Rita is floored when she receives a parcel containing Dennis’s ashes alongside a note requesting that she scatter them in Blackpool.
Deciding that a trip to Blackpool would do everyone good, Jenny books a coach and invites lots of the other residents to join them.
Will the trip go without a hitch?

Maria's difficult situation

Maria has to explain to Liam about the baby but finds that Gary has told him something already. How will she react?

Geoff's not-so-magic trick

Geoff forces a reluctant Yasmeen to assist him during a magic trick at a birthday party.
The trick doesn’t quite go to plan and claustrophobic Yasmeen panics. Will she be okay?
Later, Geoff arrives home to find Tim with Yasmeen. Geoff insists the mishap was an accident but is Tim suspicious?

Helping Nina

Nina calls at Roy’s Rolls and admits she’s struggling at home.
Roy offers to assist her but Nina declines. Can he persuade her to accept his help?

Sally's suspicious invitation

Sally looks over Tim’s divorce papers and finds a mock-up invitation to her own wedding.
She goes to question Tim in The Rovers, what is he up to?