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Preview Pictures: This week on the Street

Coming up on Coronation Street: Asha's plan revealed! PLUS: Sharon puts Sam in danger and Ronnie gets things wrong.

Asha's Plan

Asha finally confides in Aadi about how much she despises Corey.

She reckons he's guilty as sin and is only pretending to take his side in the hope that he'll slip up and she'll get to the truth. Will her plan work?

Sharon Crosses A Line

Sharon tells Harvey how she plans to find out Simon's gamertag and trace him online.

First part of the plan? Flirt with Dev enough to get him to hand over his keys.

How difficult can it be? 

Later, Robbie lures innocent Sam into his van, slams the doors shut and drives off!

Grim Sharon watches on, has she gone too far this time?

Will Sam be okay!?

Ronnie Can't Do Right

Ed returns from Birmingham and is perplexed to find his camper van gone. How will he react when he finds out what Ronnie had done to it?

Meanwhile, Jenny’s uncomfortable when Johnny calls and quizzes her about their B&B guest.

Later, his bags packed, Ronnie begs Jenny to give him another chance.

Just as Johnny arrives home unexpectedly with a bunch of flowers!

Out on his ear, Ronnie calls to say goodbye.

Will Ed throw his brother one last lifeline?

Say No Sean

Protective Sean refuses to sign up his friend Carol to Double Glammy. 

But Carol takes offence and reckons he doesn't think she's good enough. Will Sean stick to his guns?

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street