Coronation Street

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Coming up on the cobbles: With the net closing in on Geoff will he get caught in one of his own lies? Also: Roy finds Shona and Asha takes a stand.

Geoff's Lies

Having finally gained entry to No. 6, Geoff sets about retrieving the hidden camera footage.

But when Tim suddenly appears, will Geoff be forced to explain himself?

Meanwhile, Imran and Alya discover that Geoff had been frequenting a hotel bar in town and when they talk to Yasmeen she reluctantly admits that he’s been hiring escorts.

It's not long before a disgusted Sally finds out and confronts Geoff about what he's been really up to...

Can he lie his way out of this one?

Looking For Rick

Imran bumps into Kelly and questions her about her dad's whereabouts.

Much to Gary's dismay!

Finding Shona

As the Platts look for missing Shona, Roy finds her lurking outside the cafe and ushers her in, although it’s clear she doesn’t recognise him.

Roy and Nina offer Shona a place to stay, will she accept?

Asha Takes A Stand

Nina and Summer watch on impressed when Asha spots Corey with his mates.

She marches right over and gives him a piece of her mind about the appalling way he's behaved towards her!

Leanne Tries To Go It Alone

Nick and Simon offer to help out when Leanne arrives home with Oliver but she refuses, determined to cope alone.

Is there anything Nick can do?

Coronation Street