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Coming Up: MacKinnon is back to question Ali, Roy has some good news for Jude and will David and Nick be able to overcome their differences?

Ali's Interrogation

The police question Ali about being at Cormac's death and the crash involving Ronan.
Will he be able to handle the questioning?
Later, Michelle returns home to find Ali with his bags packed. What's he planning?

Family Reunion

Nick is concerned and horrified when David hints at some of what he's been going through.
Later, David makes it clear that he wants nothing to do with Nick. Will the brothers be able to overcome their differences?

Angie's Guilt

Angie tells Jude that she has a business meeting when she is actually going on a date with a guy she met online
Later, In the cafè, Roy tells Jude that he has been shortlisted for a Good Samaritan Award.
Angie suggests they go to the Bistro to celebrate, does she feel guilty for her date?

Kevin's Questioned

The police question Kevin about Michelle's car, explaining that it was in a fatal crash.
Kevin confirms that Abi serviced the car and she's a trusted mechanic. Will the police want to speak to her?

Sinead Suspended

Peter tells Daniel that he has suspended Sinead. Can she convince him to still accept his place on the Masters course?
Later, Sinead attends her hospital appointment and is told she has cervical cancer and should consider a termination.
Devastated and alone, what will Sinead decide to do?
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Coronation Street