Coronation Street

Preview Pictures: This Week On The Street

Coming up on Corrie: It's Sally's judgement day but will Tim be joining her behind bars? Chesney follows his heart and Robert has a question for Michelle...

Sally's Court Day

Sally is surprised to find out her new cellmate is Abi!
She explains to Abi she needs to get her case adjourned but she can't bring herself to make herself sick. Abi comes up with a plan, will it work?
Paula tries to get Sally to remember what she did on her birthday, as Duncan is saying that they spent the night together at a hotel.
Will Sally be able to remember?
It is the first day of Sally's trial and she is upset that there is no sign of Gina or Tim...
As Duncan takes the stand and paints himself as an innocent victim who fell in love, will Sally be able to keep her cool?

Chesney's Confession

There is a break in at the pizza shop and Spike is arrested.
An angry Gemma accuses Chesney of shopping her boyfriend to the police!
In the Rovers, Chesney admits to Emma that despite his mission to make Gemma jealous, it is actually Emma he wants. What will she say!?

Ali Struggles To Cope

After sleepless nights, Ali resorts to desperate measures, stealing anti-depressants from the Medical Centre before heading to the Bistro...
But when Ali begins flirting with Bethany, Ryan kicks off!
Can Michelle and Robert calm the boys down?

Baby Preston

Robert asks Michelle again about what she thinks about having a child of their own.
What will Michelle's reaction be?

Elsa's Revenge

Elsa accuses Nick off defrauding her in order to buy into the factory.
Will Nick admit the truth?

Tim's Arrested

Thinking Gina is in trouble Tim races to find her!
But when the police pull up with questions about Tim's erratic driving, Tim tries to explain that he thought Gina was in trouble.
But an officer smells alcohol on his breath...
Gina is left feeling guilty as Tim is bundled into the back of the police car. Will they be okay?
Coronation Street