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Coming Up On The Cobbles: A surprise engagement, sisters at war and is romance on the cards again for Bethany?

A Surprise Engagement

In the Rovers, Kate and Rana are finally reunited.
As they both present ring boxes, they're shocked to realise they were both planning to propose to each other!
And of course they'll both say YES!
Later, Kate suggests to Rana that they start some baby research and look at options.
Will they be extending their family any time soon?

Sisters At War

In prison, Sally's calls her fellow inmates together, revealing she intends to speak to the Governor about arranging some recreational classes.
Will the prisoners be impressed with Sally's ideas for reform?
At visiting time, Sally tells her family of her plans to stand up for their rights.
But when Gina points out her mayoral days are over, Sally takes offence and tells Gina she wants nothing more to do with her.
After her fall out with Sally , Gina goes out for Dinner with Dev, but is in a foul mood.
Dev flirts with Gina, but will she be impressed by his advances?
Later, at no. 4 Geoff notices Gina flirting with Tim...
He pulls Tim to one side, warning him Gina has feelings for him but will he believe his dad?
The next day, it's visiting time for Sally and Tim makes a point of telling his wife how much he loves her.
To her horror, Gina realises that Tim's worked out her feelings for him. Will he tell Sally?

Peter's Proposition

In the Rovers, Peter asks Carla if it's true that she still has feelings for him?
What will Carla's response be?

Fiz's Findings

After finding Vera's jewellery box half empty, Fiz clocks Evelyn's new earrings and asks Tyrone to confront Evelyn...
How will Evelyn react?

E is for Elsa!

Nick is shocked when he sees Elsa heading towards Number 8 but manages to stop her in her tracks.
Later, Elsa spots Carla getting out of Nick's car and follows her to Roy's flat.
Do they have some catching up to do?

Ryan's Confession

Ryan confides in Bethany that he is still having nightmares after the accident.
Will Bethany be able to help?
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